EcotoxicoMic steering committee (Lyon, France. 8/04/2022)

The steering committee of the international network on microbial ecotoxicology (EcotoxicoMic) had a one day meeting at Lyon on April 8, 2022 to produce an overview of 2021 activities and to prepare, among others, the 3rd international conference of microbial exotoxicology (EcotoxicoMic2022), from the 15 to 18 November, Montpellier, France.


French-Swiss Seminar PharmaAQUA (Annecy, France. 9-11/03/2022)

A 3-day seminar organized by INRAE and Graie to present and discuss the latest advances and challenges about the contamination of aquatic ecosystems by pharmaceuticals, its effect on aquatic microbial communities and the resulting consequences on the dissemination of antibiotic restistance genes.



French “Fête de la Science” (Villeurbanne, France. 7-9/10/2021)

Careers Forum at Emile Zola college (Belleville, France. 29/01/2021)

During one afternoon, we shared our passion for research and aquatic microbial ecotoxicology with young students from the college Émile Zola.


PhD Thesis Defense of Ayanleh MAHAMOUD AHMED   (19/01/2021)

Congratulations to Ayanleh Mahamoud Ahmed who has nicely defended his PhD Thesis entitled “Structural and functional responses of sediment microbial communities to contaminants in lake and rivers systems: Microcosm experiments“.

Thesis committee:

– Benoît Ferrari, Ecotox Centre, Switzerland, President

– Annette Bérard, INRAE UMR EMMAH, France, Reviewer

– Sylvie Nazaret, CNRS, UMR LEM, France, Reviewer

– Gilles Pinay, CNRS, UMR EVS, France, Examiner

– Emilie Lyautey, USMB, UMR CARRTEL, France, Supervisor

– Stéphane Pesce, INRAE, UR RiverLy, France, Supervisor

ANTIBIOTOX Project – 3rd Partner Meeting  (ICCF, Clermont-Ferrand, 21/02/2020)







ANTIBIOTOX (Fate of antibiotics and associated resistance genes in agroecosystems: ecotoxicological risk for functional microbial communities of receiving river systems; 2018-2022) is a project funded by the French Research Agency (contract #ANR-17-CE34-0003).

Coordinator: Fabrice Martin-Laurent (INRAE, UMR Agroécologie)

Pluridisciplinary and multi-actor Workshop around the CommuSED and PersoResto Projects (INRAE RiverLy, Lyon, 17/02/2020)


CommuSED (Structural and functional assessment of benthic microbial and invertebrate communities to evaluate the ecological quality of polluted rivers; 2017-2019) and PersoResto (Efficiency and social perception of the restoration of the Tillet River and of the water quality of the Bourget Lake; 2018-2020) are projects funded by the Rhône Méditerranée Corse Water Agency Water Agency in the framework of the Rhône Basin Long term Environmental Research Observatory (ZABR)

Project Coordinator: Stéphane Pesce

EcotoxicoMic Network Supervisory Board Meeting (BRGM, Paris, 07/01/2020)

EcotoxicoMic is the International Network on Microbial Ecotoxicology

International Workshop to elaborate a H2020-MSCA-ITN project (INRAE RiverLy, Lyon, 24-25/10/2019)



Thanks to dedicated funds from the French Research Agency (ANR – INSPECT MRSEI project) we organized  two meetings in April and October 2019, respectively, to bring together different European partners in order to elaborate a project proposal that has been submitted to the 2020-H202-MSCA-ITN call .