Careers Forum at Emile Zola college (Belleville, France. 29/01/2021)

During one afternoon, we shared our passion for research and aquatic microbial ecotoxicology with young students from the college Émile Zola.


PhD Thesis Defense of Ayanleh MAHAMOUD AHMED   (19/01/2021)

Congratulations to Ayanleh Mahamoud Ahmed who has nicely defended his PhD Thesis entitled “Structural and functional responses of sediment microbial communities to contaminants in lake and rivers systems: Microcosm experiments“.

Thesis committee:

– Benoît Ferrari, Ecotox Centre, Switzerland, President

– Annette Bérard, INRAE UMR EMMAH, France, Reviewer

– Sylvie Nazaret, CNRS, UMR LEM, France, Reviewer

– Gilles Pinay, CNRS, UMR EVS, France, Examiner

– Emilie Lyautey, USMB, UMR CARRTEL, France, Supervisor

– Stéphane Pesce, INRAE, UR RiverLy, France, Supervisor

ANTIBIOTOX Project – 3rd Partner Meeting  (ICCF, Clermont-Ferrand, 21/02/2020)







ANTIBIOTOX (Fate of antibiotics and associated resistance genes in agroecosystems: ecotoxicological risk for functional microbial communities of receiving river systems; 2018-2022) is a project funded by the French Research Agency (contract #ANR-17-CE34-0003).

Coordinator: Fabrice Martin-Laurent (INRAE, UMR Agroécologie)

Pluridisciplinary and multi-actor Workshop around the CommuSED and PersoResto Projects (INRAE RiverLy, Lyon, 17/02/2020)


CommuSED (Structural and functional assessment of benthic microbial and invertebrate communities to evaluate the ecological quality of polluted rivers; 2017-2019) and PersoResto (Efficiency and social perception of the restoration of the Tillet River and of the water quality of the Bourget Lake; 2018-2020) are projects funded by the Rhône Méditerranée Corse Water Agency Water Agency in the framework of the Rhône Basin Long term Environmental Research Observatory (ZABR)

Project Coordinator: Stéphane Pesce

EcotoxicoMic Network Supervisory Board Meeting (BRGM, Paris, 07/01/2020)

EcotoxicoMic is the International Network on Microbial Ecotoxicology

International Workshop to elaborate a H2020-MSCA-ITN project (INRAE RiverLy, Lyon, 24-25/10/2019)



Thanks to dedicated funds from the French Research Agency (ANR – INSPECT MRSEI project) we organized  two meetings in April and October 2019, respectively, to bring together different European partners in order to elaborate a project proposal that has been submitted to the 2020-H202-MSCA-ITN call .